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Wonder Chamber

The Wonder Chamber in San Antonio, Texas is a permanent art installation site, with seasonal rotating exhibitions. The customers get to experience vibrant and interactive surroundings once they step into the exhibits.

The vibe all starts with the logo

Wonder Chamber Logo

View Wonder Chamber's logo and the thought process behind it.

Fluorescent Goods

Check out some of the products you would get at the gift shop.


Explore how Wonder Chamber categorizes and remembers past exhibits with guests in their book of past exhibitions.

Entering The Set

Check out the Wonder Chamber's wayfinding guide to find your way around their different sets!

Wayfinding signs to guide our visitors to each exhibit set.

Wayfinding Signs

Enter The Chamber

Additional facade signage for street-level viewing.


Additional backdrop (other than the building facade) for guests’ photo opportunities.

Photo Wall Backdrop

Fluorescent Goods

Explore our products as you step out of the Wonder Chamber and into the gift shop. These fluorescent goods came right out of the vibrant Wonder Chamber void for wanderlust visitors to enjoy.


the Gift Shop

This project aims to incorporate the lively art exhibitions into the brand design. It takes into account the sensibilities of younger demographics, who desire picture ready surroundings and branded materials to share on social media.

What's Inside?

Touch Points Include…


Art Supplies



Wonder Chambers Exhibition Book
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