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The logo for sara

The city of San Antonio boasts a rich culture, one that should be reflected in the logo of the San Antonio River Authority. The logo’s design draws inspiration from the Hispanic and Native cultures of the surrounding region, while also incorporating modern aesthetics that appeal to the city’s younger population, including Gen Z and millennial demographics.

brand graphics

Graphics you will see on products and socials


Offering sport based products for sale could help cover operational costs to keep the river safe and clean. The branded products could also promote the brand itself through social media or in real life while patrons enjoy the local parks and water ways.

Sporting Goods Continued


Often times, the two demographics (Gen Z and Millenials) make up the majority of electric scooter riders within an urban area. As reported in this survey in 2020.

The trails that exist in conjunction with the city of San Antonio and SARA are bike-friendly. The people of San Antonio often bike on these trails, making the bike helmet the perfect accessory for promoting SARA and safety.

Sporting Goods Continued

Wearable Accessories

San Antonio River Authority

SARA Research

To rebrand the San Antonio River Authority, research was conducted to evaluate the interests of key community members and determine the different ways in which SARA can profit to uphold their mission statement.

Considering the data
Why reach a younger demographic?

SARA’s main brand targets Gen Z and Millennials. The brand aims to appeal to individuals with outdoor and athletic interests, and consumer empathy is a crucial aspect of the marketing strategy in this regard. To achieve this, the company focuses on data pulled from the residential demographics of San Antonio and national/international statistics.

The Personas of SARA

Rachel Hernandez

Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision

33 years old

Alexis Thompson

Business Major

26 Years Old

Erik Ramos

orthopedic surgeon

38 years old

Morgan Smith

Cardiovascular Specialist

42 years old

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33 Years Old San Antonio Resident 4 generations

Rachel Hernandez

Bio: I am a San Antonio native, and my entire family has lived here for three generations. I graduated from St. Mary’s University with a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. I enjoy shopping at local small businesses that I discover on Instagram. Additionally, friends and family members invite me to festivals such as Niosa, and The Pearl Night Market. My friends recently invited me to an all-girl walk where women on social media schedule walks to feel safe and have a good time. It was great fun, and I would definitely do it again.

26 Years Old San Antonio Resident 4 years

Alexis Thompson

Bio: I am the child of a military family, and my parents retired within San Antonio. I graduated from a local university with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I enjoy participating in local San Antonio events, and I typically practice yoga on the weekends. Additionally, I keep up-to-date with local events by reading the Current S.A.


Erik Ramos

I commute from Austin to San Antonio at least twice a month to see my family, and during the summer, my extended family from Mexico visits S.A. for a couple of weeks. I have been working as an orthopedic surgeon for the past five years. I enjoy bike riding on San Antonio’s bike trails at sunset. I ride on the trails around the Rim, downtown, and UTSA. Additionally, I like to paddleboard in Austin and kayak in San Antonio during my downtime.

42 Years Old San Antonio Resident 4 years

Morgan Smith

I have lived in San Antonio for the last four years, ever since I retired from the Air Force. I am originally from Ohio, but I decided to stay in San Antonio since I bought a home in my last years of being in the service. I love the variety of entertainment options the city has to offer, including the surrounding nature. I often ride my bike with a group, exploring San Antonio and its neighboring small towns outside the city limits.