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Turn the lights on Mitzi

Light Bulb Moment!

Top-rated interior design lighting. Turn your home into a whole mood, with Mitzi's
The process

Brand Direction

01 Inspiration

Mitzi has been decorating the homes of many people for almost a decade now, with their signature light fixtures, eclectic, and contemporary style.

02 research & Design

Mitzi is a contemporary brand from Hudson Valley Lighting, founded in New York in 2017 by David Littman. Mitzi as a brand has connected with Millennial and Gen-Z audiences through collaborations with social media influencers and designers.

03 Implementation

The brand direction keeps Mitzi's core audience in mind, as well as the overall design aesthetics of their light fixtures.

Logo Inspiration

Logo Design

The logo indicates the initial of Mitzi’s name and mimics the form of the most popular selling lighting fixtures. Showcasing the creative and abstract forms found within the products. Oftentimes the fixtures have great round curves and spheres that are aesthetically pleasing. Mitzi has been decorating the homes of many people for a decade now.

Our gallery

Logo Design

Mitzi’s overall design is influenced by the curves and lines found within its lighting products. I wanted to translate these aspects into the architecture and storefront touchpoints.

Visuals to aide social posts


These patterns and digital assets are visual aides for social posts such as Instagram, FaceBook, etc.

Spheres are part of Mitzi’s signature look and are found within their product’s aesthetics.

Light Fixtures By Mitzi


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